Tezos Ecosystem Launches Community Grant Programs

July 27, 2021 — The global Tezos ecosystem today announced a new grant program designed to support builders and creators exploring the Tezos community. The programs will be accessible to grantees from around the world and managed through regional ecosystem hubs. The community small grant programs will provide funding towards projects built by the broad and diverse Tezos community to expand developer talent and grassroots activity across the ecosystem. 

Tezos, one of the most mature blockchain ecosystems in the industry, has experienced record growth in 2021. Network activity is up over 1,200 percent and contract calls have surged above 2 million per month this summer. The growth has increased interest from developers and creators looking for an inclusive and collaborative community filled with opportunity. The community small grant programs will further support ideas, individuals, and organizations dedicated to building within the Tezos ecosystem. 

Grant programs will range in requirements and funding levels depending on geographic considerations. Recipients will retain the opportunity to apply for additional grants. Participating hubs will share more information later this month.

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