Kraken Will Support Altair Crowdloan On Kusama

Kraken announced that it will support the Altair crowdloan. Now, Kraken users can stake KSM to the Altair slot. In return, Kraken users will earn $AIR tokens.

Currently, Kusama’s parachain auctions take place. The goal is also to test if parachain auctions actually work before deploying them on Polkadot. Altair will soon launch a crowd loan for one of the first parachain slots on Kusama.

What is Altair?

Altair brings real-world assets into the crypto industry. Users can tokenize experimental assets on-chain and use them as collateral to access financing. 

What is Kusama?

Now, Kraken makes it very easy for retailers to explore and engage with the Kusama ecosystem. That could mean that more money comes into the Kusama industry, driving mass adoption on the other hand.

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