Billy Rennekamp


Interchain Foundation

Federico Kunze Küllmer

Co-Founder Tharsis Finance

Working on EVMOS

Sunny Aggarwal

Co-Founder of OSMOSIS


Meltem Demirors

Chief Strategy Officer of CoinShares

Enrico Talin

Founder Commercio

Dan Edlebeck

CEO of Exidio

Tegan Kline

Co-founder Edge & Node

Alessio Treglia

VP of Engineering Tendermint

Ethan Frey

Co-founder Confio

Shane Vitarana


Brent Xu

Founder & CEO Umee

Gregory Landua

Co-Founder Regen Network

Dr. Shaun Conway

Founder of IXO

Henrik Aasted

Founder & CTO of e-Money

Abhitej Singh

Head of Marketing Persistence

Josh Lee

Co-Founder of OSMOSIS

Jazear Brooks


Zaki Manian

Co-Founder Iqlusion & Sommelier Finance

Brian Fabian Crain

CEO & Co-Founder of Chorus One

Felix Lutsch

CCO of Chorus Onne

Réda Berrehili

Co-Founder of Klub

Jack Zampolin

Co-Founder Product Sommelier

Joseph Al Chami

Product Manager at Figment

Nicolas Weber

Founder MGH DAO

Riccardo Montagnin

Tech Lead at Desmos

Ella Qiang

VP Ecosystems & Partnerships with Cronos Chain


Founding Member of Eleven Yellow

Ajit Tripathi

Head of Institutional Business AAVE

Peter Lindström

Administrative Director Passage3d

Vasiliy Shapovalov

CTO & LIDO Finance

Kai Tyurin

LIDO Finance

Michael Perklin

CISO Shapeshift

Sergey Gorbunov

Co-Founder Axelar

Daniel Hwang

Protocol Specialist Stake Fish

Andrea Di Michele

Core Contributor Juno Network

Tor Bair

Secret Network

Ismail Khoffi

Co-Founder Celestia

Michael Sofaer

CEO and founder of Pylons

Onur Akpolat


Marko Baricevic


Jaron Parnala

Senior Product Manager

Mikey JH Lee

Business Development Cosmostation

Alex Harley

Co-Founder SteakWallet

Marcus Maute


Eric Chen

Co-Founder Injective Protocol

Martin Worner

Co-Founder Confio Building Tgrade

Dean Tribble

Co-Founder Agoric

Chjango Unchained

Advisor to Ecosystem Projects

Marc Zeller

Integrations Lead AAVE

Dev Ojha

Co-Founder Osmosis

Mirko Schmiedl

Co-Founder of Staking Rewards

Rudraj Mehta

Research & BD Persistence

Much More To Be Announced