Fox: $100 Million Fund For New NFT Studio

DEFI TIMES reported it a couple of weeks ago already: FOX plans to enter the NFT space.

Back in May, FOX announced that it will launch “Blockchain Creative Labs.”

Blockchain Creative Labs will be a marketplace where users can purchase NFTs.

Now, FOX launched a $100 million fund to finance the launch of the marketplace.

The rapid growth of the NFT niche continues! First, NFTs were just a tiny niche and now, companies like FOX improve the infrastructure of the NFT space with millions of dollars.

And yesterday DEFI TIMES reported how Mark Cuban led a seed funding round of NFT Genius.

The marketplace also sells NFTs that provide exclusive social experiences to engage and reward super fans.

FOX also collaborates with Bento Box Entertainment. Bento Box Entertainment is an animation studio by FOX that created successful shows such as Bob’s Burgers. 

And this is very good for the crypto industry! Because shows like Bob’s Burgers have millions of fans. That said, these shows could bring a lot of attention to the crypto industry. 

So, NFTs are here to stay!

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