Enjin Partners with Virtual Worlds!

Enjin has announced a new partnership with Virtual Worlds.

Enjin is an all-in-one platform for developing scalable and interoperable blockchain ecosystems. Thus, Enjin makes it simple for anyone to adopt NFTs in their product stack.

Virtual Worlds is a company that digitizes historical artifacts.

At first, Virtual Worlds will produce a limited-edition set of NFTs representing iconic Egyptian monuments. Users will be able to hold these wonders of the world in their hands. Also, they can place them on shelves within their virtual homes inside Virtual World’s platform.

This partnership marks the first step of applying NFTs to digitized historical landmarks.

Virtual Worlds will use their extensive collection of digitized landmarks. The first phase of the collaboration will see the creation of treasure hunts. Then, players can claim NFT artifacts in the rich 3D environments.

Elliott Mizroch, CEO of Virtual Worlds, stated:

“At Virtual Worlds, we’re bringing the world’s most important artifacts and monuments to a new digital ecosystem, preserving them for future generations and making them accessible to the world in ways they’ve never been before. With Enjin behind us, our past global heritage can be shared and live on in our digital future,”

Elliott Mizroch, CEO of Virtual Worlds

The goal of the partnership is to organize virtual events within these virtual environments. Tickets will be sold as NFTs as well.

Maxim Blagov, CEO of Enjin, is excited about the partnership:

“Virtual Worlds is bridging the best of 3D graphics and user experience through NFTs. This is one more demonstration of how NFTs can be used to engage players, create new virtual worlds and economies, and connect all digital ecosystems into a single multiverse. This is also an amazing opportunity to connect the digital with the real world through 1-to-1 replicas.”

Maxim Blagov, CEO of Enjin

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