Vitalik Buterin: Even More Confident About the Merge

All eyes on Vitalik Buterin. The London upgrade with EIP-1559 has been successful – now all eyes are on the long-awaited merge with the Beacon chain.

After the successful launch, he said that he is looking forward to Ethereum’s ETH 2.0. Vitalik is more confident about the merge.

In a conversation with Bloomberg News from Singapore, Vitalik said that EIP-1559 is “definitely the most important part of London.” EIP-1559 will burn the majority of transaction fees. Previously, miners received the fees.

Buterin stated that we have seen the “proof that the Ethereum ecosystem is able to make significant changes.”

He added the following:

“[The London hardfork] definitely makes me more confident about the merge.”

In addition, Vitalik Buterin added that EIP-1559 would greatly improve Ethereum’s UX:

“Now it gets much easier to send a transaction that will get included in the next block and that’s very important to user experience.”

Vitalik Buterin

Ethereum’s co-founder seems optimistic about the network’s future! Vitalik is more confident about the merge.

After the successful implementation, Ethereum’s price surged by several percent.

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