Uniswap Removes Tokens From Interface – Here Is Why!

Uniswap delists 100 tokens from the interface, including options and indexes.

The reason: regulatory pressure! 

The team stated in a blog post:

“To continue to innovate and provide this tool for the Uniswap community, we monitor the evolving regulatory landscape. Today, consistent with actions taken by other DeFi interfaces, we have taken the decision to restrict access to certain tokens through app.uniswap.org.”

Blog post

Many DeFi enthusiasts interpret this as a non-DeFi native action! But here is the thing:

Recently the DEX deployed its version 3 on Optimism.

And its version 3 is patented! This is because the DEX is the most forked project in the crypto space – by far! The company behind the DeFi protocol invests vast amounts of money in the protocol’s development. Still, the protocol remains open-source! But considering similar events, such as AAVE announcing KYCed pools for institutions, it gets obvious that DeFi is maturing. Institutional DeFi is becoming a widely used term! DeFi and CeFi are merging.

Besides, Uniswap stays permissionless!

The interface is just the front end!

In plain words: the platform remains decentralized, anonymous, and open-source. That said, everybody can still list any token there! 

There have been uncountable scams on Uniswap already! Because of this, the project experienced some regulatory pressure. But again, everything in the backend remains the same! The delisted tokens are also still tradeable.

The blog post reads:

“Importantly, the Uniswap Protocol — unlike the interface — is a set of autonomous, decentralized, and immutable smart contracts. It provides unrestricted access to anyone with an Internet connection. Similarly, this action has no impact on the Uniswap Interface code, which remains open source, or the many other portals or locally run instances used to access the Uniswap Protocol.”

Blog post

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