Ubisoft Joins Aleph.im Decentralized Network As Core Channel Node Operator

Ubisoft will embrace the Aleph.im network. The company will run a core channel node on Aleph.im.

Ubisoft creates, publishes, and distribute interactive entertainment and services.

It published famous video games like:

  • Assassin’s Creed
  • Far Cry
  • Just Dance
  • Watch Dogs
  • Rainbow Sixt

Now, the company will run a core channel node on Aleph.im.

Aleph.im is is a distributed cloud platform. The platform provides serverless trusted computing services such as file storage and database hosting.

Ubisoft makes Aleph.im more decentralized

Ubisoft’s core channel node will validate and manage the Aleph.im network. The Ubisoft node further expands Aleph.im’s capacity making the network even more decentralized.

Many DeFi protocols and cryptocurrencies still run on partially centralized components in their infrastructure.

But Aleph.im tackles this problem!

Aleph.im aims to ensure the decentralization of the industry’s infrastructure.

The Aleph.im network provides:

  • decentralized databases
  • computation
  • decentralized identification (DID) framework

Because of that, Aleph.im allows DApps and protocols to shed centralized parts of their stack. And especially centralized cloud services are very common in the crypto industry.

Aleph.im provides a decentralized alternative!

Didier Genevois, Blockchain Tech Director at Ubisoft, stated:

“We’re happy to be joining the Aleph.im ecosystem as Core Channel Node operator. (…) we believe that Blockchain holds a key to the future of the videogame industry (…) the services offered by the Aleph.im decentralized network is particularly promising.”

Didier Genevois, Blockchain Tech Director at Ubisoft

More and more companies seek business opportunities in the crypto industry.

So, video game publishers like Ubisoft do not want to focus on NFTs only. They want to contribute to the industry’s infrastructure!

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