Splinterlands Reaches 100,000 Accounts Milestone

July 14, 2021 — Splinterlands, an NFT trading card gaming ecosystem, is proud to report that over 100,000 users created an account on its innovative platform.

The milestone showcases the natural applicability of NFTs to trading card games, ensuring much higher retention and interest from the gamer community. Compared to traditional games, Splinterlands embraces the play-to-earn mechanism, assigning real and organic value to gaming items.

By creating real value, Splinterlands achieves much higher retention rates on players, who always have meaningful progress in the game. Over 25% of Splinterlands players purchased the Summoner’s Spellbook upgrade, which grants the ability to own their cards in perpetuity and potentially earn while playing. 

While in traditional games players do not care about their accrued progress, on Splinterlands they are motivated to keep track of their existing cards due to the possibility of them becoming more desirable and increasing in real value. Players who are looking for a more passive experience can rent out cards to other players, which helps facilitate the play to earn model.

Splinterlands started in 2018 as a grassroots effort to create a community around blockchain trading cards. Since then, it has awarded millions of dollars in value to its 100,000+ players while growing to process 600,000 daily blockchain transactions and over $20,000 in card trading volume per day. 

“This is really an exceptional moment for the community. We’re overwhelmed by positive feedback and the community is growing every day,” said Dr. Jesse “Aggroed” Reich, Splinterlands co-founder and CEO. “By supporting us and playing our game, they’re empowering themselves, which in turn lets us keep providing them value and rewards in every way we can. It’s pretty sweet.”

Because of the unique nature of the Hive blockchain upon which Splinterlands is built, the game’s community can earn rewards for creating and sharing content. Unlike other NFT platforms, Splinterlands focuses on fostering a community of gamers, instead of simple speculation. This is exemplified by Splintertalk.io, the native blogging platform of Splinterlands, where 100 unique posts are created by the community each day. Participants are incentivized to engage with the platform by creating posts sharing their game’s progress, trivia knowledge and other contests.  

“We always put the community first. They are our most important assets, so we want to empower them by ensuring that they reap value and rewards of their own. We do our best to listen to them and never take them for granted. With their help, we’ll grow this thing into the first mainstream blockchain game,” added Reich.

“Our goal has always been to be the first blockchain game to break into the mainstream,” says Dr. Reich. The Splinterlands founders believe that minimizing the blockchain complications of playing to earn is crucial for this goal to be reached. By accepting more than 20 different types of cryptocurrency as well as Paypal, players without any crypto currency experience can start playing with nothing more than an email address and password, leading to one of the easiest onboarding experiences in play-to-earn gaming today. Recent successes such as sudden back-to-back product sellouts and the upcoming release of the Splintershards (SPS) governance token show that with 100,000 registered accounts, Splinterlands has just begun making waves in the worldwide gaming industry.

About Splinterlands

Splinterlands is a trading card game built using blockchain technology that enables users to play anytime, trade anytime, and earn every win. Players compete for a limited reward pool of the Splinterlands in-game cryptocurrency token called Dark Energy Crystals (DEC) as well as provably scarce and valuable NFTs from daily quests and bi-weekly season rewards. Battle for glory and riches or passively rent out your cards. 

Website: https://splinterlands.com

Discord: https://discord.splinterlands.com/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/splinterlands

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