Shopify to Enable NFT Purchases through Platform

Shopify announced that merchants will be able to sell non-fungible tokens (NFTs) directly to customers on the company’s platform from now on.

Canadian e-commerce-software provider Shopify will enable stores using the company’s software to sell NFT collectibles from their storefronts without relying on an external marketplace.

Shopify president Harvey Finkelstein noted that before the company added support for NFT purchases, its merchants would have to sell NFTs through a third-party marketplace, forcing them to sacrifice control over the sale process and customer relationship.


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One of the first and most prominent merchants to sell NFTs through Shopify are the Chicago Bulls. The legendary basketball franchise and former team of Michael Jordan just launched a series of digital collectibles named “Legacy Collection” on Monday featuring the franchise’s six championship rings.

Shopify powers the e-commerce sites of over 1.7 million businesses around the world. The possibility of selling non-fungible tokens directly via Shopify could potentially open up a massive marketplace for much wider adoption of NFTs in the broader society.

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