Phillip Plein To Accept 15 Different Cryptocurrencies

The fashion brand Phillip Plein is about to accept 15 different cryptocurrencies.

Yesterday, Philipp Plein announced that it will be the first luxury fashion house to accept 15 different cryptocurrencies. On Instagram, Philipp Plein stated:

Philipp Plein via Instagram

Accepting 15 different cryptocurrencies is definitely extraordinary! Companies like e.g. Tesla, focused on bitcoin payments only. Of course, news like this drives crypto payment adoption. And besides, it brings a lot of attention to the crypto industry.

More and more fashion brands are entering the crypto sector. Especially NFTs are interesting for the fashion industry. Very recently, Dolce & Gabbana launched its first NFT series. Accepting cryptocurrencies is also good marketing for these brands. When enabling payments with cryptocurrencies, fashion brands can expand their reach to a new and younger target group.

So, it is very likely that more fashion brands will decide to enter the crypto industry sooner rather than later!

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