NBA Top Shot Will Sell Three Exclusive NFTs At NBA Summer League Games

Dapper Lab’s NBA Top Shot will sell three very exclusive NFTs during the NBA Summer League Games. NFT Top Shot is a marketplace for users to bid on, purchase, and sell digital highlights of NBA players. People buy these highlights in the form of NFTs. Top Shot is a giant in the NFT space. Moreover, the marketplace is currently the second-largest NFT platform by numbers of sales and active traders! Roughly 109,600 users executed 675,350 transactions over the past 30 days. And the average daily value of Top Shot trading for the past month has been approximately $700,000.

Now, Top Shot will mint three very exclusive NFTs and sell them at the National Basketball Association Summer League games. 


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The NBA Summer League Games is a major sports event in the US. It will take place in Las Vegas and will gain a lot of attention from media outlets around the world.

America’s National Basketball Association has been pretty active in the NFT space recently. A couple of weeks ago, the Golden State Warriors and the Chicago Bulls launched their own NFT collections already. 

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