Nansen Raises $12 Million from Andreessen Horowitz

Nansen has raised 12 million dollars in their series A funding round, which was led by Andreessen Horowitz.

Andressen Horowitz is mainly known as a16z, and it’s the largest venture capitalist in the world. Very recently, they launched the largest crypto and DeFi fund to ever exist. The fund is worth over 2.2 billion dollars! And now, they also invested in the well-known crypto analytics platform Nansen.

The Nansen analytics platform analyzes millions of data points on Ethereum wallets, transactions, and smart contracts. It’s basically a crypto on-chain analytics platform.

“As participation in the first truly open global financial markets grows, traders and collectors of all kinds—retail novices, institutional professionals, independent experts, and more— will want to understand what the smart money is doing across all blockchains.”

Chris Dixon, General Partner at Andreessen Horowitz

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