Kraken launches new mobile app for U.S. crypto traders

Kraken, one of the biggest centralized cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, has launched a new mobile app for U.S. retail traders. It will be available on both Android and iOS devices.

The San Francisco-based exchange already has a “pro app” for experienced traders. Still, it aims to reach a broader audience with the new app through an easy-to-use interface for a better user experience compared to its predecessor.

In the past, Kraken has often been criticized for not being the most user-friendly trading platform as beginners often have a hard time navigating through the exchange compared to the user interfaces of other CEXs.

Through the launch of the new trading app, Kraken aims to compete with the current market leader, Coinbase, which already launched its mobile trading app in 2013 with great success. In fact, the Coinbase app even topped the list of iOS apps on the Apple store last month.

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