Jack Dorsey Still Doesn’t View ETH As A Good Investment

Yesterday, Twitter announced to release NFTs on Rarible – the excitement was huge!

Rarible is an NFT platform. The platform utilizes the Ethereum blockchain to mint NFTs.

And Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey, is one of the best-known bitcoin maxis in the crypto industry. Because of this fact, there has been a lot of confusion around Jack Dorsey’s decision. Many ETH bulls became excited!

Will Jack Dorsey Buy ETH?


No. Jack Dorsey clarified pretty fast that he is still a bitcoin maxi. The Twitter CEO still doesn’t view ETH as a good investment.

Many people on crypto Twitter found Jack Dorsey’s behavior strange. Jack Dorsey may use the Ethereum blockchain; however, he still doesn’t view ETH as a good pick for his portfolio.

Adam Cochran, Partner of Cinneanhaim Ventures tweeted:

“With this level of mental gymnastics, I’m surprised he won’t be representing the US at the 2021 Olympics in Tokyo this year.”

Adam Cochran, Partner Cinneanhaim Ventures

Is Jack Dorsey just stubborn? Only he knows!

But when even maxis use other blockchains, a multichain future becomes more likely.

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