Gelato Network Partners With QuickSwap to Enable Native Limit Orders

QuickSwap, Polygon’s most popular decentralized exchange (DEX), has once again partnered with Gelato Network to give its users access to native limit orders directly on the protocol’s frontend.

Until now, the usage of this trading option was only available for users through external protocol Sorbet Finance, performing thousands of transactions since its launch already.

But thanks to QuickSwap’s native frontend integration of Gelato Network, users will now be able to set limit orders natively on the exchange without relying on a third party. QuickSwap is the first major DEX to integrate this option on its user interface.

“Using Gelato’s limit-orders-react library enabled us to add limit-order functionality to our AMM and frontend in no time and with batteries included.”

Sameep Singhania, Co-Founder of QuickSwap

Nowadays, native limit orders are one of the most requested features in Decentralized Finance. But at the moment, even AMMs like Uniswap only offer the possibility to buy tokens at their current market price on the protocol’s frontend.

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