ETH becomes more interesting to institutional investors

Institutions start to load up vast amounts of ETH right now.
According to the Weekly report by CoinShares, more money flowed into the crypto market.

In numbers:

– $74 million flowed into investment products
– 63% ($47 million) flowed into Ether products
– Ether products now represent 27% of the combined assets under management for crypto investment products (all-time high)
– $246 million has exited BTC investment products over the past three weeks

All in all:

– Vast amounts of institutional money have left BTC investment products
– More institutional money flowed into Ether products.

The reason for that could be EIP-1559. EIP-1559 will make ETH a scarce asset. Because whenever a transaction is made, ETH will be burnt. Also, EIP-1559 will make gas fees fairer and more predictable. So, EIP-1559 improves the user-friendliness of DeFi and makes ETH a deflationary asset.

ETH could become essential to keep tomorrow’s financial system alive. Because ETH is required for every decentralized financial service on Ethereum.

This is very attractive for institutions, and EIP-1559 gets enrolled in July!

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