BurgerSwap – Another day, another DeFi hack

It happened again! A DeFi protocol on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) just got hacked! And this time, BurgerSwap was affected.

In total, the hackers were able to exploit: 

  • 4.4k WBNB ($1.6M)
  • – 22k BUSD ($22k)
  • – 2.5 ETH ($6.8k)
  • – 1.4M USDT ($1.4M)
  • – 432k BURGER ($3.2M)
  •  -142k xBURGER ($1M)
  • – 95k ROCKS

However, this is not the first hack on BSC. Recently, many similar hacks took place on BSC, such as the Spartan hack, the bEarn Fi hack, or the PancakeBunny hack, to mention a few.

This time, hackers created their own fake coin and formed a new trading pair with $BURGER. After that, the hacker changed the latter’s price. 

BurgerSwap apologized to its users on Twitter and stated:

“We understand what the community cares about the most. Detailed compensation plan is on the way.”

Conclusion: interacting with DeFi nowadays is risky. Also, on BSC!

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