BlockFi: You Can Now Earn Bitcoin Rewards With A Visa Credit Card

Yesterday, BlockFi launched their new Visa Credit Cards. Usually, recipients can earn rewards when spending money with a credit card. But with the new Visa credit card from BlockFi, people get rewarded in bitcoin!

Cardholders will earn back 1.5% in bitcoin with BlockFi’s Visa credit card. 

For now, the card is available in the US only. If you are from the US, you can find the waitlist here.

BlockFi & Visa collaboration makes bitcoin ETF launch more likely

Millions of people use Visa credit cards every day. Now, more people can come in touch with bitcoin. This makes it more likely that the SEC will approve all the bitcoin ETF applications very soon. Because when thousands of people get rewarded in bitcoin daily, bitcoin becomes widely adopted in everyday life.

BlockFi and Visa just increased the pressure on the SEC.

Visa Drives Crypto Mass Adoption

Visa drives mass adoption! Visa collaborated with many crypto projects already: Binance, Monolith, Plutus….the list goes on. Also, Visa will settle USDC transactions on the Ethereum blockchain. 

Visa is one of the most active companies in the crypto industry from traditional finance.

But Visa has to be active in the crypto industry as crypto will disrupt the payment industry significantly within the next few years! 

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