Blockchain Can Bring Mindfulness to a Generation with Little Time to Spare

When was the last time you sat down for a good session of meditation or went for a long run? Can’t remember? Well, congratulations! You’ve been successfully trapped in the hustle and bustle of life. Honestly, these days who isn’t. 

With work, social media, friends, and family all fighting for our attention, we hardly have any time to turn inward. The result — increased stress, anxiety, and burnout. In fact, almost 10% of today’s population suffers from some kind of mental illness. And, when our mental health suffers, so does our physical health. Do you need any more reasons to slow down, turn your attention inward and practice mindfulness?

Deep down, we all know the benefits of practicing mindfulness and meditation. We know that it can do wonders for our mental and physical health. But, for a generation that thrives on instant rewards and instant gratification, it is hard to sit still and meditate for benefits we don’t instantly see. This is where blockchain-based mindfulness solutions could be the game-changers. 

Mindfulness On the Blockchain

Just like the internet, the blockchain too brought with it the solutions to most of our problems. What we initially thought was limited to the financial sector, spread its wings and disrupted several other industries. Thanks to smart contracts and dApps, we now have innovative projects building our future every single day. 

Along with all this, blockchain-based solutions are also aiming to push towards mindfulness. With innovative rewards mechanisms, blockchain-based mindfulness solutions might have the best shot at getting our generation to sit for their yoga class. Let’s take a look at a few of them. 

BudaCoin ($BUDA)

First on the list is BudaCoin. BudaCoin is a Binance Smart Chain-based BEP-20 token that aims to promote mindfulness and mental health among people. The coin is used to power a one-of-a-kind mobile app called BudaMind for mindfulness educators, content creators, and consumers. The main goal of this mobile app is to create awareness, incentivize practice, and make mindfulness education easily accessible to everyone. 

On BudaMind, content creators and educators are promised rewards for promoting mindfulness, while consumers can win rewards in BudaCoin for practicing mindfulness and meditation. Additionally, BudaCoin holders can NamaStake (see the cool wordplay here!) their tokens into high yield liquidity pools for rewards. These liquidity pools will in turn be used to fund the BudaMind app and meditation rewards.

The platform also aims to go all in and create an NFT marketplace for digital assets related to mindfulness. These assets could be art, guided meditation, meditation music, and the likes. At its core, Budacoin is also a charity coin that will be used to issue donations to organizations working in the realm of mindfulness.   

YogaCoin ($YOGI)

YogoCoin is an Ethereum based token designed to become the payment standard for the $2.7T wellness industry. The aim here is to create a single coin that could be used to pay for anything and everything related to wellness, from Yoga classes and equipment to holistic treatments and bio restaurants. To achieve this, the team is partnering with wellness, meditation, fitness centers, and e-commerce sites from across the globe. 

The coin also will be used to fund the creation of “cryptolistic resorts” that could become one-stop centers for yoga and meditation retreats, ayurvedic medicine, and green energy. 


SweatCoin is another incentive-based project that aims to promote fitness among people. The basic aim is to reward users by converting their steps into SweatCoins. The coins acquired can then be spent on products and services including shoes, gadgets, watches, yoga classes, and subscription services. By partnering with some of the best brands, insurers, and governments across the globe, SweatCoin also aims to become a universally accepted form of payment.   

HappyCoin ($HAPPY)

Happy Coin is a charity token being used to fund projects, startups, organizations, and charities across the globe that are fighting mental illnesses. The platform has set aside a charity wallet percentage of 5% from the initial supply of coins. By incentivizing token holders with transaction tax rewards, they encourage users to buy and hold the coin. 

Shaping Healthier Minds

Our generation has become the busiest one there has ever been. Amid education, side hustles, work, and the demands of the competitive world, we’ve forgotten to take care of ourselves. It’s not a wonder why mental illnesses have become increasingly common. Reward-based solutions for mindfulness like BudaCoin aim to tap into the interests of our busy generation and lead them towards a mindful future. When people understand the need for mindfulness, projects like BudaCoin will have a great chance at shaping healthier and happier minds through their incentivized process.

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