bitFlyer opens ETH/BTC market for US and Europe

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, August 3rd, 2021 — Leading cryptocurrency exchange bitFlyer has opened access to its existing Ethereum to Bitcoin (ETH/BTC) pair to traders located in the United States and Europe. The move is an expansion of the firm’s cross-border trading offering, which provides traders outside of Japan access to bitFlyer’s unique liquidity in the region in a regulated manner.

bitFlyer has been Japan’s leading cryptocurrency exchange by volume for 5 consecutive years. Earlier this summer, the company opened up access to its BTC/JPY spot market to US traders, which posted over $30 billion in trading volume during the first quarter of 2021 and represented 40% of the Japanese Bitcoin ecosystem.

This move gave DeFi traders the opportunity to tap into one of the largest and most differentiated liquidity pools, which they previously couldn’t access due to regulatory and operational constraints.

In similar fashion, individual and institutional traders in the US and Europe with accounts on bitFlyer USA and bitFlyer Europe, respectively, will be able to trade the ETH/BTC market, which has been available only to bitFlyer Japan customers until now. Once again, bitFlyer will act as the regulated gateway to connect the Japanese market to the wider cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Yuzo Kano, Chief Executive Officer of bitFlyer USA and Chairman of bitFlyer EUROPE:

“We’re excited to roll out the 2nd phase of our cross-border trading strategy. We kicked off cross-border trading by giving customers in Europe and the US access to the largest BTC/JPY market in the world. ETH/BTC is the newest addition to the cross-border trading menu, and as a global player, we will continue expanding our products and removing the barriers to access crypto markets around the world. Stay tuned”

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