Binance To List QuickSwap’s (QUICK) in the Innovation Zone

QuickSwap has launched its QUICK tokens on the Binance Exchange in the Innovation Zone. Binance revealed the listing of QUICK in its Innovation Zone through an announcement published on its website’s dedicated portal.

Binance’s Innovation Zone is a separate dedicated trading zone within the Binance ecosystem. The platform lists new tokens that have higher volatility but are also a part of innovative projects with unique use cases. But it does not impact the trading of the token in any way. In addition, all traders can easily buy and sell the existing token pairs within the exchange.

Quickswap leverages the low transaction fees and rapid confirmation speeds of Polygon’s Layer 2 technology. This empowers its users to trade any ERC-20 asset at a fast speed with near-zero gas cost. QUICK tokens can be staked to earn staking rewards. It can also be used for voting power to participate in the DAO governance of the QuickSwap ecosystem.

The open-source project facilitates a significantly higher degree of accountability. It makes it more auditable than proprietary software. QuickSwap allows its everyday user to provide liquidity — even in very small amounts. This property enables absolutely anyone to earn liquidity provider (LP) fees, thus providing their users with an easy way to make money.

Sameep Singhania, Co-Founder of QuickSwap stated:

“In addition to basic DEX functions like smooth operation procedure and low gas fee, QuickSwap will also incorporate new features like IDO, platform governance, etc. to enhance the user experience. The QUICK tokens will be the foundation for empowering and reinforcing these functionalities.”

Sameep Singhania, Co-Founder of QuickSwap stated:

Singhania said in conclusion that QUICK’s listing on Binance’s Innovation Zone is a great step forward for the project.

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