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Polygon gained a lot of attention recently! This is also because more and more projects decide to move or build on Polygon. 

A new project that decided to integrate with Polygon is, a cross-blockchain decentralized storage, and computing network. 

This integration will provide an additional layer of security. Besides, it will enable permanence for NFTs, marketplaces, and decentralized applications to run on Polygon.

Many people do not know that despite the decentralized nature of NFTs, their NFTs are not necessarily safe. NFTs are often at risk of disappearing due to widespread reliance on centralized infrastructure for media storage and hosting. 

Jonathan Schemoul, CEO of stated:

“The issue is that NFT marketplaces might opt for centralized options for data hosting, that is faster to deploy such as AWS or Google. While this is a cheap and efficient option, it often creates central points of failures or vulnerabilities to attacks”.

But why did integrated Polygon? 

While offers decentralized storage solutions for files and data, Polygon (formerly Matic) provides a highly scalable and interoperable ecosystem. Ethereum compatible scaling solutions can connect, enriching the Ethereum ecosystem.

“We’re pleased to collaborate with to further supercharge the NFT ecosystem on Polygon, allowing NFT-focused Dapps to seamlessly use’s decentralized storage services for their NFT storage needs. Combined with Polygon’s high-speed and low-cost txns, this will be a great service for developers in the NFT space,” Sandeep Nailwal, Co-Founder of Polygon, said. 

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