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Smart Money Enters DeFi | Alex Svanevik, CEO Nansen​

Alex is the CEO of Nansen, a blockchain analytics platform. Nansen is one of the most popular analytics platforms in the industry. Alex is a true crypto OG with a background in artificial intelligence and machine learning. In this episode, we talk with Alex about how the smart money enters DeFi.

Has Lightning A Future? | Paolo Ardonio, CTO Bitfinex

Paolo is the CTO of Bitfinex, one of the most valuable companies in the crypto space. Bitfinex is one of the most popular centralized exchanges in the crypto sector. Besides being the CTO of Bitfinex, Paolo is also the CTO and brain behind Tether - the largest stablecoin by market capitalization. In this episode, we talk with Paolo about lightning.

The Future Of NFTs | Kyle Samani, Co-Founder Multicoin Capital

Kyle is the Co-Founder of Multicoin Capital, one of the most successful investment firms in crypto. Multicoin Capital is well-known for being one of the early investors in Solana. In this episode, we discuss with Kyle the future of NFTs.

No, Solana isn’t an Ethereum-Killer! | Austin Federa, Head Of Communications, Solana

Austin is Head Of Communications at Solana. Solana is one of the largest blockchains in the industry with an alternative architecture. Some people criticize that Solana could be categorized as an “ETH” Killer or as a VC coin…..well, both statements are not true. In this episode, Juri discusses with Austin the typical Solana cliches.

Bored Apes Distributing Goldman Sachs? | Adam Draper, Founder Boost VC

Adam is the founder of Boost VC, and yes, one of the coolest guys in crypto! He was an angel investor in Coinbase in 2012 and has fascinating views on the metaverse, NFTs, bitcoin, and more. In this episode we talk about how Bored Apes will distribute Goldman Sachs….wait what?!

Hedge Funds On Ethereum?! | Mona El Isa, CEO Avantgarde Finance Ltd.

Mona El Isa is the CEO of Avantgarde. She is a former star trader at Goldman Sachs and made it into the “top 30 under 30” list in Trader Magazine in 2008 and Forbes Magazine in 2011. In this episode, she talks with Fabian about Enzyme - a project that enables hedge funds on Ethereum.

Exploring The Star Atlas Metaverse | Michael Wagner, CEO Star Atlas

Michael is the CEO of Star Atlas, one of the first NFT games on Solana. As the CEO of Star Atlas, Michael is an expert in questions about NFTs and the metaverse. In this episode, Juri discusses with Michael the future of the metaverse, the successful launch of Star Atlas, and much more.

Building Serverless dApps | Ivan On Tech

Ivan became famous for being one of the largest YouTubers in crypto. However, in 2020, Ivan co-founded Moralis, a Web3 development platform. In this episode, we talk with Ivan about serverless dApps.

We Will Have Millions Of Blockchains | Peng Zhong, CEO Tendermint

Peng is the CEO of Tendermint, the company behind Cosmos. Cosmos believes in an interchain future with “millions of blockchains”. Peng has a background in interaction design and front-end engineering. In this episode, Fabian talks with Peng about exactly this philosophy.

Harmony One: The Future Is Multichain & WAGMI | Li Jiang, COO Harmony One

Li is the COO of Harmony, a next-generation blockchain. Harmony stands for high scalability and interoperability. Li has a background in economics and is an adjunct professor at Northwestern's Farley Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation. Besides, he organized multiple conferences in the past - with guests like Barack Obama and Bill Campbell. In this episode, Juri talks with him about how Harmony aims for an interoperable future. And how we eventually all gonna make it!

CELO: Accessing Financial dAPPs And Crypto Payments With Mobile Phones | Rene Reinsberg, Co-Founder Celo

Rene is the Co-Founder of Celo, a mobile-first DeFi platform. Rene co-founded Locu and served as CEO until Locu’s acquisition by GoDaddy in August 2013. Today, he is working on Celo to make the crypto industry more accessible for the masses. In this episode, Juri talks with Rene about crypto mass adoption due to mobile phones.

Hedging Crypto Assets | Rafaella Baraldo, CEO Pods Finance

Rafaella is the CEO of Pods Finance. Pods Finance is a decentralized options protocol built on Ethereum. Rafaella used to work in the big banking world - such as for Citibank and Barclays. In this episode, however, she discusses with Juri and Fabian how to hedge crypto assets in a decentralized way.

What Is MetisDAO? | With Elena Sinelnikova

Elena Sinelnikova is the CEO of MetisDAO, a project that aims to scale Ethereum with its Layer 2 technology. In this episode, Juri talks with Elena about the future of Ethereum, how Metis differs from other Layer-2 scaling solutions, and much more!

CrescoFin - Replace Banking With Code

Robert Sharratt is the founder, and Amadeo Brands is the CTO of CrescoFin. Nowadays, banking is inconvenient. Banking is also not for everyone! More than one billion people in the world do not own a bank account, making them isolated from the financial sector. DeFi, on the other hand, wants to make finance permissionless and accessible for everyone. But accessing DeFi is not always easy! What if we could combine these two sectors? What if we replace banks with code? What if there is a bank alternative that combines the best from both worlds? This is what CrescoFin aims to do!

Institutions Have An Appetite For Digital Assets | Jack McDonald, CEO Standard Custody

Jack is the CEO of Standard Custody. Standard Custody provides digital asset custody solutions for institutions. In this episode, Juri talks with Jack about how institutions are entering the crypto industry.

ENS: Log In With Ethereum? | With Brantly.eth

Brantly Millegan is the Director Of Operations at Ethereum Name Service (ENS). ENS is a decentralized project that offers name services to its users (e.g. John.eth, Karen.eth, etc.). In this episode, we talk with Brantly about universal log-in with Ethereum, the future of the project, and so much more!

Avalanche Exploding | Jay Kurahashi, VP of Marketing Ava Labs

Jay is the VP of Marketing at Ava Labs. Ava Labs helps projects to launch on the Layer 1 Avalanche. Jay is a graduate of the University of Indiana and used to work for AirSwap before joining Avalanche. In this episode, we talk with Jay about Avalanche’s incentivize program to expand its ecosystem.

The Future Of AMMs | Fernando Martinelli, CEO Balancer

Fernando is the CEO of Balancer, one of the oldest DeFi protocols. In this episode, Fabian discusses with Fernando the future of AMMs.

Rarible: The Ultimate NFT Marketplace | Alexander Salnikov, Co-Founder Rarible

Alexander is the Co-Founder of Rarible. Rarible is undoubtedly one of the largest NFT marketplaces in the world. In 2021, Rarible even surpassed OpenSea in trading volume. Alexander is a pioneer in the NFT space. And in this episode, Juri talks with him about Rarible and how NFTs will take over the world.

DeFiChain Solving The Reputation Problem? | Dr. Julian Hosp, CEO CakeDeFi

Dr. Julian Hosp is the most well-known crypto expert in Germany. He has a YouTube channel and published several books successfully. Besides, he is the CEO of CakeDeFi. Another of Julian's projects is DeFiChain - a Layer 1 with an alternative architecture to Ethereum. In this episode, Fabian and Julian talk about DeFiChain and the future of the crypto industry.

Institutional DeFi & The Future Of Ethereum | Michael Anderson, Co-Founder

Michael is the Co-Founder of Framework Ventures, one of the most successful investment firms in DeFi. Before founding Framework, Michael built and sold Hashletes, the first and only NFLPA-licensed digital collectibles. In this episode, we talk with Michael about institutional DeFi and the future of Ethereum.

Metaplex: NFTs On Solana To Take Off! | Emily Poplawski, COO Metaplex

Emily is the COO of Metaplex, an NFT project on Solana. Metaplex is one of Solana's most popular and most used NFT projects. In this episode, we talk with Emily about the rapid growth of the NFT niche on Solana.

Automated Ethereum Smart Contracts | Dan Liebowitz, Head of Growth Gelato

Dan is Head of Growth at Gelato Network. Gelato Network builds automated smart contracts on Ethereum and other Layer1s, unleashing the true potential of every dApp. In this episode, Juri talks with Dan about the GEL token sale, limit orders on QuickSwap, and much more.

Sorare: The Best NFT Game In Crypto | Brian O’Hagen, Growth Lead Sorare

Brian is Growth Lead at Sorare, a fantasy football game that offers a marketplace for digital football cards - represented as NFTs. In this episode, Juri talks with Brian about how NFTs introduced a new asset class, the future of Sorare, football, and much more.
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