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Community conferences differ from traditional crypto conferences significantly! Our conferences focus on the community and getting more developers into the space. Many big conferences in the crypto industry charge the attendees hundreds of dollars just to enter them. But is this what the community wants? Community conferences create a cozy and familiar atmosphere. We host them in a nice hotel most of the time and provide the attendees with regular coffee breaks, a proper lunch, free merchandise, and more. And most importantly: we don’t provide any VIP areas! Attendees, speakers, and sponsors are in one room and experience the conference together! And the best part? A ticket for a two-day conference is very cheap! Our philosophy is that a ticket for a crypto conference should not be more expensive than a ticket for a local football game! This is how we want to bring crypto to the masses!

As already mentioned, community conferences focus on the community! This is precisely why they are so important because they bring the community together and unleash their full potential! Attendees, speakers, sponsors, and investors will be in one room, creating unforgettable experiences and kick-starting essential developments in the space!

Yes, we do! We also organize hackathons, side events, and meet-ups worldwide!

Yes, we do! Organizing events is the main part of our business.

Setting up a successful conference requires time! Every conference has its challenges. Setting up a conference in Europe is very different from setting up a conference in South America. We are active in many communities and set up the whole infrastructure for the event. DEFI TIMES organizes everything! We take care of the local regulatory framework, find and save the venue, and reach out to leading media outlets so that the conference gets the attention it deserves. Besides, we invite new projects to the ecosystem, buy merchandise, organize the pre-event and after-party, and much more! After confirming collaboration with us, you just have to book your flight ticket!

We have one of the fastest-growing crypto podcasts in the space, a YouTube channel, and a newsletter! The media department does not have something to do with the conferences. Our media department follows a different approach to bringing Web3 to the masses.

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