Meet the Core Team

Juri Maibaum
Fabian Klauder
Basil Nasereldeen

How everything began

It’s summer 2020, we are in the middle of the DeFi mania, and DEFI TIMES is a tiny media start-up…….

One day, Fabian reached out to a small German YouTuber called “Cryptocito.” Finally, we decided to help each other to grow – aka WAGMI!
Cryptocito shilled us into Cosmos, and we started to record dozens of Podcast episodes and “DeFi eats CeFi” videos.
In May 2021, we decided, independently from each other, to move to Lisbon and focus on our projects.

It’s summer 2021 and the blockchain weeks in Lisbon are around the corner. The Ethereum community was looking forward to ETHLisbon and Liscon. The NEAR community was excited about NEARCON, and Solana prepared the “Breakpoint” for early November. But what about Cosmos?

This is what we four asked us! In the meantime, Cryptocito introduced us to a cool Lebanese guy from the US. His name is Basil, and we started to hang out regularly and drink some beers. Basil is an excellent designer and reinvented negotiating – I am not kidding!

And suddenly (I really don’t know how this idea came up), we decided to kick off a Cosmos community conference. The initial idea was to host a one-day event with around eighty attendees and some speakers. Well, Cosmoverse became bigger – much bigger!


Cosmoverse became a large crypto conference that, from now on, will take place every single year! The community conference describes perfectly the beauty of crypto! We were four “plebs” from the community who thought organizing a conference in Lisbon would be cool.

Our vision and mission are to keep the vibe of the past Cosmoverse: cozy, inclusive, and familiar!

Before wrapping up this short story, we want to thank Cryptocito again! His passion, vision, and optimism were undoubtedly elementary for the success of Cosmoverse. And also, thank you, Basil! Your hard work and dedication made this conference unforgettable!