Our Mission

Collaborate with us to unleash the true power of your community with real-life events

About Us

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Fabian Klauder Co-Founder DeFi-Times
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Juri Maibaum Co-Founder DeFi-Times
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Check out our recent panel at Liscon with Idle Finance

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Our Culture

Inclusion. Education. Innovation

We bring the community together and offer projects a great opportunity to present their progress! Our conferences educate the community and new people that entered the space very recently, and kick-start new developments in each ecosystem.

Our Vision

We believe that real-life events unleash the true power of every community. By organizing events and bringing people together from all over the world, we support the growth of Web3.


A strong community is crucial for every crypto project to succeed! Community conferences are all about giving back to the community! We help you to reach that goal!