Meet the team

We are four friends from the Cosmos community who aim to onboard more people to the interchain!

About Us

Fabian Klauder-small (1)
Fabian Klauder Co-Founder DEFI TIMES
Fabian is the co-founder of DEFI TIMES. He has an entrepreneurial background and was an early adopter of Bitcoin and DeFi. After finishing his degree in economics and finance, Fabian focuses on building the Web3.
Juri Maibaum-small (1)
Juri Maibaum Co-Founder DEFI TIMES
Juri is the Co-Founder of DEFI TIMES. He has been an early DeFi user and NFT adopter. Before founding DEFI TIMES, he used to work as a journalist for a German crypto magazine. In 2021, he co-founded Cosmoverse - the very first Cosmos Community conference.
Cryptocito YouTuber
Cryptocito is the most prominent Cosmos YouTuber in the world. He taught his community about Osmosis, the Cosmos SDK & Co. since the early days of IBC. In 2021, he moved to Lisbon, Portugal where he co-founded Cosmoverse.
Basil Naser Saint Regis Media
Basil is part of the Cryptocito team and the founder of "Saint Regis Media". He speaks more than three languages fluently and co-founded Cosmoverse in the summer of 2021.
Our Culture

Inclusion. Education. Innovation

We bring the community together and offer projects a great opportunity to present their progress! Our conferences educate the community and new people that entered the space very recently, and kick-start new developments in each ecosystem.

Our Vision

We believe that Cosmoverse unleashes the true power of the Cosmos community. By organizing Cosmoverse in different parts of the world, we support the global growth of Web3.


A strong community is crucial for every crypto project to succeed! Cosmoverse is all about giving back to the community!