MoonKa’s Real Estate Crowdfunding Dream

Blockchain technology is waving its magic wand in several industries and marketplaces by its innate qualities like transparency and safety. Now, the magic wand is turning towards the real estate market as MoonKa and KardiaChain join forces to revamp the conventional ways of buying and selling land.

The partnership is a giant stride towards democratizing the real estate market. KardiaChain, with its vision of making blockchain accessible to millions, is the ideal partner needed to achieve democracy in a traditional industry. 

With a successful IDO already in the bag, MoonKa’s visionary juggernaut is only getting started. 

Strategic Partnership To Revolutionize Real Estate Investment

This alliance between MoonKa and KardiaChain is aimed at propelling the digitization of real estate in Vietnam. With overseas expansion in sight, this partnership is gearing up to revolutionize the real estate industry as a whole. 

Traditionally, real estate has been a playground tailor-made for the rich. With high initial funds required, the majority of the population is deprived of opportunities to invest in real estate. This is exactly what MoonKa aims to solve using blockchain tech. By tokenizing land and facilitating peer-to-peer transactions, MoonKa will provide a window of opportunity for individuals across the globe to invest in Vietnamese real estate.

This aligns well with the vision of KardiaChain to make blockchain tech accessible for millions. By adopting KardiaChain’s ecosystem which is built on interconnectivity and security, MoonKa can provide global access to Vietnamese real estate. And given KardiaChain’s high TPS (transactions per second), real estate investing will no longer be paperwork or time-intensive.

This partnership is set to holistically revamp the real estate industry while also providing a level playing field for everyone to participate without any financial or geographical barrier to entry. 

KardiaChain’s Smart Contracts’ Role in Easing Crowdfunding

Over the past couple of years, smart contracts have been the center of discussion in the rooms of developers and investors. But, their utility has often been confined to siloed blockchains. On the flip side, KardiaChain’s smart contracts are interoperable. This means developers can create smart contracts that can run on multiple blockchains without compromising on security or performance. 

KardiaChain’s smart contracts interoperability fuels many solutions that can be realized and integrated across industries. Similarly, MoonKa can adopt these smart contracts to ease its crowdfunding initiatives. From 24/7 liquidity support to transparent transactions, smart contracts can completely change the way real estate transactions and settlements are done. 

Also, courtesy of smart contracts’ innate security, there exists zero chance of manipulation, thereby acting as a token of safety for investors. Furthermore, MoonKa’s native token, $MKA built on KardiaChain is the sole requirement to participate in crowdfunding initiatives. Powered by NFTs, $MKA holders can invest in Vietnamese land with no other effort or overhead costs.  

Smart contracts are also a trustworthy way for MoonKa to uphold the legal protection of properties and investments. 

Tokenization of Real Estate to Reduce Entry Barriers

By enabling the window to own fractional pieces of real estate, MoonKa reduces entry barriers for retail participants. This is facilitated by the tokenization of real estate properties and land. 

This removes the age-old practice of needing to buy properties, which inherently makes the real estate market exclusively for the rich. An opportunity to own a fraction of a property lures more participants into the market which further generates money flow. These potential outcomes reflect how tokenization is set to be a game-changer for the industry.

MoonKa’s first public sale of a property in the Can Gio region is a testament to how tokenization can enable individuals to invest in real estate. Moreover, the public sale lasted just over 90 minutes which reflects the demand for crowdfunding initiatives in this industry.  Similarly, MoonKa’s second sale — Rose Secondhome in the Bao Loc area — was successful within one hour of launch.

Alongside that, MoonKa had a successful IDO launch on KardiaChain, further building trust and credibility. One million $MKA tokens were sold out within 14 minutes with more than 1,000 buyers participating. It didn’t stop here as the trading pair MKA/KAI that was listed on KAIDEX saw a trading volume of over $500,000 in a 12-hour timeframe. 

The IDO launch and the subsequent momentum in the market indicate the trust being bestowed upon the project by the community. Also, this is an important landmark in MoonKa’s journey towards making real estate investment more accessible. 

MoonKa Ensures Real Estate Will Never Be The Same

A few years ago, investing in real estate meant huge money, unending paperwork, and a year-long process. But now, with MoonKa and KardiaChain together, participants are a few clicks away from owning a piece of land in Vietnam. 

MoonKa is aiming to expand its real estate portfolio across Vietnam and build a cryptographic real estate platform. With KardiaChain, they can facilitate trustless agreements between parties using their interoperable smart contracts. 

The alliance is embarking on a journey to revolutionize the real estate industry as a whole, including attracting foreign investment to Vietnam. As the ventures synergize further, expect to hear more about this technology and team.

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