Cosmoverse VC Track:
Bridging Innovators and Investors

Cosmoverse VC Track:
Bridging Innovators and Investors

What's the VC Track?

During the main coference Investors will have access to talks of Industry leaders, workshops to learn more about Cosmos ecosystem, the Cosmos SDK and IBC as well as pitches from upcoming start-ups in the context of Pitching Competitions. The VC Track will facilitate the connection of investors and pre-selected projects.

Why a VC track during Cosmoverse?

The Mission of Cosmoverse is to bring Investors and Innovators together - closing the gap between VC; Angle Investors and groundbreaking Projects/Ideas. Facilitating a breading ground for investments and supporting Founders to find sparring partners along the way.

Pitching competition

21-23 oct. 2024

The Pitching Competition at Cosmoverse 2024 is the golden opportunity for upcoming innovative Projects to present themselves and present their ideas to find potential Investors and/or Advisors. The first round of the Pitches will be held in a closed environment in-front of Angle Investors, Venture Capital Firms, Family Offices, HNWI and other Founders. 

Pre-Validation of idea and technology: The Pitching projects will be screened and pre-selected from the Cosmoverse Team. 

Pitching Projects have the opportunity to present their ideas get feedback from Investors, connect with the key players of the Ecosystem and Community. 

The finalists will have the chance to pitch their project on the main stage in-front of a live audience for more than 2.000 people and many more via livestream.

Ready to Pitch Your Project?

Join our platform to showcase your project to leading investors. Gain exposure, receive constructive feedback, and find the funding needed to grow your business.

Quality and Pre-validation

All pitching startups will be pre-selected and relevant information about the projects prepared and made available.

Deep dive into the Ecosystem

Opportunity to know the team and technology better by attending technical workshops and meeting other team members.

Access to industy leaders

Connect with founders of existing and sucessfull projects within the Ecosystem.

Full Access to Conferences

Full access to three days of conferences including various tracks like Scalability, Development tools, Governance, Privacy, and Crypto Economics

VC Track Booklet and Pitch Room

Receive a booklet with the schedule of all startup pitches and exclusive access to the pitch room

Access to Pitch Decks and Founders Directory

Access all pitch decks in electronic format and the founders directory with contact details.

Investors partners

Plan to raise or currently raising for your Project?

Submit your project and get the chance to present it to top investors. Connect with potential backers, gain valuable feedback, and secure the funding you need to take your startup to the next level.