Sifchain is one of the most thriving and exciting AMMs within the Cosmos ecosystem. At the time of writing, Sifchain is the third most active zone on Cosmos when it comes to daily IBC transfers. But what exactly is the project about? And what else do you need to know about it?

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What is Sifchain?

Sifchain, named after Sif, the Norse goddess of earth and fertility, aims to be the world’s first omni-chain DEX. It tries to tackle one of the most severe problems of currently leading decentralized exchanges: access to other cryptocurrencies besides tokens of the underlying ecosystem. For example, if you are using Uniswap, you can only trade tokens built upon the Ethereum blockchain.

Even though several projects focus on building bridges between ecosystems to enable cross-chain transactions of different cryptocurrencies, we need a more integrative approach. In the case of DEXs built on e.g., Ethereum, another constraint is that they are not very scalable (at the moment) and therefore slow with high gas fees involved.

Key challenges Sifchain focuses on are high scalability and the integration of many different ecosystems within the crypto space. Besides it is built with the Cosmos SDK and uses Thorchain as a reference implementation. In other words, the project uses pegged tokens to support a great variety of blockchains. 

Sifchain will target 20-25 different blockchains (such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polkadot, and more)  for cross-chain integration. In addition, the protocol will support an on-chain governance process for developing additional pegged tokens for new blockchains as needed.

Another important part of the protocol is Rowan,Sifchain’s native governance token. Validators can influence protocol changes with votes weighted in proportion to the amount of Rowan they hold. Besides Rowan is provided to validators through block rewards in exchange for staking to participate in network consensus.

With this in mind, let’s have a look at SifDAO,the project’s decentralized government instrument. Wherever possible, the core developer team’s responsibilities will be communicated to SifDAO for the purposes of independently supporting the team’s efforts. By time, SifDAO will inherit the core team’s responsibilities until it is entirely responsible for Sifchain’s continued management.

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Latest developments

  • IBC Protocol & Integration with: Cosmos, Akash, Sentinel, Regen, Osmosis, IRISNet, Crypto-org, Terra
  • Integration of Juno Network, Quickswap, Lido Finance, and more on Sifchain DEX
  • Cosmos coming to Polygon via Sifchain and DinoSwap

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Tokenomics/Key Metrics (06.10.2021)

*wrapped Rowan on Ethereum blockchain (ticker on Coingecko)

Initial Coin Distribution

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