El Salvador Is First Country to Airdrop $30 in BTC to Citizens

El Salvador airdrops $30 to each adult who downloads the government’s Bitcoin wallet app.

The El Salvador Airdrop pushed the Bitcoin price higher because participants were speculating Salvador’s government will need to purchase the required BTC in advance.

All in all, the El Salvador Airdrop will cause more than $100 million in buying pressure on Bitcoin markets. In addition, Bitcoin’s global user base will grow by 2.5% thanks to the inflow of approximately 4.5 million new people.

The news was announced in a press conference, hosted by President Bukele. He said:

“wallet app will even work anywhere with a cell connection, and you won’t have to have a cell plan for the app.”

President Bukele

In the press conference, Bukele also said that the Bitcoin law making Bitcoin legal tender will come into effect on September 7.

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